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Monday, September 24, 2007

11:00 AM-12:00 PM
Educational Level    C/E Room
1. Trash Intelligence (TRASHINT)
  Wesley Howard Latchford, MSSM, MSS, MTS
FundamentalMilitary Liaison101
2. Professional Liability: A Standard of Care?
  Anthony Di Gregorio, CPP
AdvancedSecurity Architecture and Engineering111/112 (combined)
3. Deploying Innovative Security Measures on Public Transportation and Mass Transit Systems
  Mr. Chanan Graf, B.Sc.
IntermediateTransportation Security116
4. Successfully Selling Security Solutions
  Mr. Jim Litchko, CAS
IntermediateInformation Technology Security246
5. How to Survive the First 48 Hours of a Disaster
  Cpt. Werner Preining, CPP CAS
IntermediateCrisis Management219/220/221/222 (combined)
6. SBU Standardization: Essential Tool for Government and Defenders
  Thomas E. "Ted" McNamara, Ambassador
AdvancedDefense and Intelligence102
7. How to Design a Physical Security Device, System, or Program
  Dr. Roger G. Johnston, PH.D., CPP
Jon S. Warner, Ph.D.
Intermediate 109/110 (combined)
8. The Future of Security Training
  Mr. Jeffrey Slotnick, PSP
IntermediatePrivate Security Services117
9. Predators and Pedophiles: Workplace Awareness and Prevention
  Mr. Michael Burke, CPP, CFE
Cara Welk; Michael Underwood
Fundamental 223/224/225/226 (combined)
10. Insight in an Instant: The Intriguing World of Workplace Hotlines
  Mr. Eugene Ferraro, CPP, PCI
Intermediate 227/228/229/230 (combined)
11. Organized Retail Crime: An Industry Approach
  Mr. Alan Greggo, CPP, CFE
Mr. Gregory Braun
FundamentalRetail Loss Prevention103
12. Improvised Explosive Device Awareness and Search Requirements in Corporate America
  Mr. Ken Falke
Mr. Charlie Payne
Advanced 250
13. Risk Assessment in the USA: Facts and Practices
  Mr. Shayne P. Bates, CPP, CISM, CHS-V
FundamentalRetail Loss Prevention119
14. Weathering the Perfect Storm: Overcoming Escalating Threats to Business Operations
  Mr. Marty Pfinsgraff
Russ Cancilla; Scott Ast, CPP CFE; Timothy Weir
Fundamental 113/114 (combined)
15. The Mechanical Key Doesn't Have to be a Security Systems Worst Nightmare
  Mr. Lee A. Garver, DAHC
Clyde Roberson, CPP, AHC, CML; Mrs. Lori R. Brown, CPP
IntermediatePhysical Security107
16. Maximum Impact: Making the Most of Your Presentations and Proposals.
  Mr. David J. Moitzheim, CPP, PCI, PSP
Intermediate 120
17. Market Entry Planning for Information Assests in a Global Economy
  Michael Moberly
Kevin Peterson, CPP; Mr. Richard J. Heffernan, CPP, CISM; Larry Runyon, CPP
IntermediateInformation Asset Protection108
18. La Importancia De La Educación En La Prevención De Delitos Contra Mujeres Y Niños
  Ms. Maria Eugenia Valles Septien
FundamentalSession in Spanish218

1:30 PM-3:00 PM
Educational Level    C/E Room
19. Convergence: Taking The Office of CSO from Cost Center to Bottom Line Contributor
  Ms. Laurie Aaron
Ray O'Hara, CPP; Mr. Derrick Wright; Mr. Robert Bastida; Mr. Edward Levy; Ms. Leslie Holbrook; Sreeni Kancharia
Intermediate 219/220/221/222 (combined)
20. US Military Police and Security Operations in Afghanistan/Iraq Pt 2
  Mr. Raymond Geoffroy
Mr. John Steele, MA; Col. John Manson; Mr. Joe Kamide; Col. Robert Tirevold
IntermediateMilitary Liaison116
21. Lesson learned from the WTC Collapse regarding CPTED and Infrastructure Protection
  Dr. Randy Atlas, Ph.D. , CPP, AIA
IntermediateSecurity Architecture and Engineering109/110 (combined)
22. “Can You See Me Now?” - Shining the Light on Hackers & Identity Thieves
  Mr. Lew Wagner, CISSP, CPP
AdvancedInformation Technology Security102
23. Fighting the War on Terror: Capturing Emerging Technology
  Michael Trapp, MS
FundamentalMilitary Liaison227/228/229/230 (combined)
24. The State of the National Industrial Security Program (NISP): An Update By the Government’s Cognizant Security Authorities
  J. William Leonard
Robert Grimsland; Mr. Michael Kilpatrick; Rosalind Baybutt
AdvancedDefense and Intelligence103
25. Explosive Threats and Target Hardening
  Mr. Jeffrey Slotnick, PSP
IntermediatePhysical Security246
26. CPTED Outside The Box: Creative Combinations of Environmental and Physical Security That Reduce The Cost Of Fighting Crime
  Mr. Robert Summers, CPP, B.S.
James L. Grayson, CPP, B.S.
Advanced 111/112 (combined)
27. Negligent Hiring Mock Trial Demonstration: Security in the Hot Seat
  Mr. Lester Rosen, JD
FundamentalPrivacy and Personnel Information Management113/114 (combined)
28. Agriculture and Food-borne Bioterrorism: Facilitating Effective Prevention, Mitigation, Response, adn Recovery
  Mr. Michael Steinle
Michael Fagel, , Ph.D., CEM; Deborah Allen; Mr. William Ramsey, CPP; Mr. Craig Watz
29. Capturing Jonathan Pollard
  Mr. Ronald J. Olive
Advanced 223/224/225/226 (combined)
30. Physical Security and Forensic Psychology - A New Collaboration
  Dr. Harley Stock, Ph.D., ABPP
Mr. Darin J. Goodwiler, CPP; Mr. John Makowski
FundamentalPhysical Security107
31. Why Should the Boss Listen to You? The Seven Disciplines of the Trusted, Strategic Advisor
  Mr. James E. Lukaszewski, ABC, APR, CCEP
Advanced 250
32. International Trends and Opportunities
  Suzette Nickle; Maria Calabria; Marina Millet; Fareedon Hartoqa; Peining Zhoa
Fundamental 117
33. Expanded Opportunities Under the SAFETY Act
  Brian Finch, Esq.
Fundamental 119
34. Secure ID Programs in Emerging Markets: Keys to the Kingdom
  Jill Allison, MIM/CISSP
Mr. Pete Thorsen; Bill Richardson; Mr. Robert Beer; Carolyn Loew, CISSP/PMP
Intermediate 120
35. Integrating Security into a Company going Global... a case study
  Mr. Antonio Gaona, DSE
Advanced 108
36. Inteligencia Emocional y Manejo de Crisis
  David Anguiano Jonguitud, CPP
FundamentalSession in Spanish218

4:30 PM-5:30 PM
Educational Level    C/E Room
37. Force Protection
  Mr. Andrew Gale, MDS, CPP
AdvancedMilitary Liaison117
38. Your Organization’s Nightmare - Identity Theft
  Ms. Chris Wright, CPP
Mr. Jim Litchko, CAS
FundamentalInformation Technology Security219/220/221/222 (combined)
39. How to Get Into the Game of Classified U.S. Government Business
  Richard F. Williams, CPP
J. Michael Harris, CPP
IntermediateDefense and Intelligence116
40. Business Continuity Planning for an Avian Flu Pandemic
  Mr. David G. Patterson, CPP, PSP, CFE,
AdvancedPhysical Security109/110 (combined)
41. Construction Site Security Risks
  Mr. Greg H. Walker, J.D., CPP, ARM
IntermediateOil, Gas, and Chemical Industry Security120
42. Security for the 2010 Olympics
  Mr. Dave Tyson, CPP, CISSP
Mr. Gary Wilson, CPP
IntermediatePhysical Security246
43. Developing a Security Master Plan
  Mr. Timothy D. Giles, CPP
Advanced 223/224/225/226 (combined)
44. What Are You Bringing to the Table?
  E. Floyd Phelps, CPP
Fundamental 119
45. Using Technology in Economic Crime Investigations
  R. A. (Andy) Wilson, CFE, CPP
George E. Curtis, JD
AdvancedEconomic Crime227/228/229/230 (combined)
46. Operation Partnership: Guidelines for Law Enforcement-Private Security Cooperation
  Mr. Thomas Seamon, CPP
Mr. Edward Connors, J.D.; Mr. Edward Appel; Robert Chapman
Intermediate 103
47. Lessons from the HP Investigation: Legal and Ethical Implications for Investigating Suspected Fraud
  Mr. Frederick J. Cantz Jr., CPA, CFE
FundamentalEconomic Crime250
48. Counter Surveillance on Potential Targets
  Mr. John Grady, CPP
Intermediate 107
49. Are You Ready to Evacuate or Shelter Patrons during Any Event?
  Mr. Robert J. Bowers, CPP
Mr. Ronald W. Hobbs, CPP
Fundamental 111/112 (combined)
50. Wireless Mesh for Homeland Security and Video-surveillance Applications
  Mr. Umberto Malesci
Intermediate 108
51. Science and Security
  Read Hayes, PhD, CPP
Intermediate 101
52. Jessica Lunsford Act: Leveraging Public Databases to Protect Students
  Paige Tarver
Fundamental 102
53. New Security Management System Standards – How to Make Them Work for You
  Marc Siegel, Ph.D.
Fundamental 113/114 (combined)
54. Secuestro y Extorsion un flagelo que afecta los negocios hoy en Latino America
  Jorge Septien, CPP, CPO
FundamentalSession in Spanish218
Tuesday, September 25, 2007

11:00 AM-12:00 PM
Educational Level    C/E Room
55. SAE #1: The Process and Basis of Design
  Richard Grassie, CPP
Thomas Whittle, PE
FundamentalSecurity Architecture and Engineering109/110 (combined)
56. What's New on the Floor - 2007
  Roy Bordes
Intermediate 250
57. K-9s and their versitility in the transportation security industry
  Mr. Henri (Hank) Nolin, C.P.P., AEiii.,
FundamentalTransportation Security117
58. Holes - Plugging Access Control System Network & Wireless Security Gaps
  Mr. Lew Wagner, CISSP/CPP
Ronald Lander, CPP, CMAS
IntermediateInformation Technology Security120
59. Business Environment in the future and what the Security Professional needs to know
  Mr. Kelly J. Kuchta, CPP CFE
Richard Withers, CPP
IntermediateInformation Technology Security119
60. Defense Security Service - "What's Happening?!"
  Mary Griggs
IntermediateDefense and Intelligence116
61. Building a Security Plan from the Ground up
  Robert M. Wetherell, CPP, CFM
Fundamental 219/220/221/222 (combined)
62. ASIS Guidelines Update
  F. Mark Geraci, CPP
Marc Siegel, Ph.D.
Fundamental 223/224/225/226 (combined)
63. Gaming Environments: Managing Security in Nightclubs and Lounges
  Alan Zajic
FundamentalGaming and Wagering Protection108
64. Avoid Becoming A Kidnap Victim - Prepare and Train
  Mr. Richard Hildreth
Advanced 101
65. Data Classification and Digital Rights Management
  Mr. Tim Best
John Allan Petruzzi, CPP, CISM; Frank Chambers; Brandon Dunlap
FundamentalPrivacy and Personnel Information Management107
66. Advancement of Victim Rights and Services Among the Private Security Profession
  Eugene Rugala
Fundamental 102
67. Security and Illegal Immigrants in the Workforce
  Mr. Neville Cramer
Intermediate 113/114 (combined)
68. Network Video Design and Product Spec Reading - made easy!
  Steve Surfaro
Charlie R.A. Pierce; Fredrik Nilsson
IntermediatePhysical Security227/228/229/230 (combined)
69. The Value of Operational Testing and Evaluation of Security Technologies
  Mr. David M. Speaks
FundamentalPhysical Security103
70. Reasonable Forseeability and Premises Liability
  Paul Caruso, JD
Intermediate 111/112 (combined)
71. Revitalizing the Workforce After Change: Don’t Accept Your Dog’s Admiration as Conclusive Evidence That You Are Wonderful
  Marlene A. Palkovich
Fundamental 246
72. La Seguridad Privada En El Cono Sur De America, Sus Amenazas, Sus Fortalezas Y Las Oportunidades De Negocio
  Jose Carlos Degiorgis, CPP, CFE
Alfredo Iturriaga; Francisco Tranchesi Neto
FundamentalSession in Spanish218

1:30 PM-3:00 PM
Educational Level    C/E Room
73. U. S. Military Police and Security Operations in Afghanistan/Iraq (Part One)
  Douglas Heugal; Col. Richard Anderson
IntermediateMilitary Liaison108
74. SAE Track #2: Systems Design & Engineering
  Mr. Frank M. Carpency, PE, CPP, PSP, CSC
IntermediateSecurity Architecture and Engineering109/110 (combined)
75. Securing Your Personal and Corporate Data while on the Road
  Ronald Lander, CPP, CMAS
J. Keith Flannigan, PhD, CAS; Roy Wilkinson, CAS, CISSP
Fundamental 113/114 (combined)
76. 9/11: A Personal Remembrance
  Mr. Wesley A. Wong
FundamentalDefense and Intelligence116
77. International Standards and Guidelines and the Security Professional
  Mr. Roger D. Warwick, CPP
Mr. Stephen Payne, CPP; Mr. Roger Bird; Marc Siegel, Ph.D.
Intermediate 101
78. SYSTEM Integration Selection Process
  Joseph McDonald, CPP PSP
Derk Boss, CPP, CFE; Severin Sorensen, CPP
FundamentalGaming and Wagering Protection103
79. The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make: Oh No…Not More “Leadership” Advice
  Marlene A. Palkovich
Fundamental 246
80. Developing a Plan of Action for Regional Disaster Resilience
  Marla Dalton, P.E.
Mr. Ed Hecker
Fundamental 102
81. Radical Islam, Threats and Goals: A View from the Ground
  Michael Trapp, MS
FundamentalMilitary Liaison250
82. A Holistic Approach to School Security
  Paul Timm, PSP
Fundamental 117
83. Insider’s Guide to the 2007 DHS Chemical Security Regulations and Programs
  Mr. Steven G. King, MBA, CPP
Dennis Deziel; Evan Wolff
Intermediate 107
84. I Spy...Covert Surveillance and Workplace Privacy
  Mr. Eugene Ferraro, CPP, PCI
Intermediate 111/112 (combined)
85. Bio-Security Update
  Mr. Kirk Wilhelm, CPP
Intermediate 219/220/221/222 (combined)
86. The Case for Private Sector Forensic Video Analysis
  Mr. Casey Caudle
Mr. Rick Lautenbach
Intermediate 119
87. Countering Identity Fraud: Building a World Class Enterprise Program
  Mr. Joseph Krull, CPP, CISSP, CISA
Intermediate 223/224/225/226 (combined)
88. Confessions of an Exploited Scientist:Conducting Research in a Threat Environment
  Dr. Donald Fingleton, Ph.D.
Mr. Richard James Sullivan, CPP; Mr. Glenn Smith
Advanced 227/228/229/230 (combined)
89. Law Enforcement as a partner in preventing workplace violence
  Dr. Harley Stock, Ph.D., ABPP
Tim Garcia
Fundamental 120
90. Plan de Continuidad de Negocios. El Modelo de los 12 Pasos. Business Continuity Plan. A 12 steps model.
  Eduardo Jiménez
FundamentalSession in Spanish218

4:30 PM-5:30 PM
Educational Level    C/E Room
91. SAE Part 3: Security System Design System Implementation
  Mr. David Aggleton, CPP, CSC
IntermediateSecurity Architecture and Engineering109/110 (combined)
92. Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12: Implementation and Usage
  Ron Martin, CPP
IntermediateInformation Technology Security108
93. Physical Security Managers guide to Computer Security
  J. Keith Flannigan, PhD, CAS
Ronald Lander, CPP, CMAS; Roy Wilkinson, CAS, CISSP
FundamentalInformation Technology Security102
94. Higher Than Top Secret? What Makes Information Classified?
  J. Michael Harris, CPP
FundamentalDefense and Intelligence101
95. Conduct your best Video System Site Survey
  Steve Surfaro
Charlie R.A. Pierce
FundamentalPhysical Security227/228/229/230 (combined)
96. Terrorism Update & Iran's 50-year Strategic Plan Exporting Their Revolution
  Mr. John W.A. Didden, HSIII-CAS
Intermediate 113/114 (combined)
97. Medical Risk Management for Security Professionals
  Dr. Jonathan Spero, M. D.
Fundamental 116
98. Today’s Student Members—Tomorrow’s Security Professionals
  Mr. Chris Richardson, CPP, BS
Steve Saravara, JD; Chris Hertig
FundamentalAcademic Programs117
99. WarDriving: Drive, Detect and Defend for Wireless Networks
  Mr. Alan Nutes, CPP
Fundamental 223/224/225/226 (combined)
100. Combating the Financing of Terrorism
  Mr. Dennis Lormel
Mr. Gregory Bretzing
Advanced 219/220/221/222 (combined)
101. Safeguarding Science
  Jules De La Cruz
Intermediate 103
102. Building Optimal Searchable Surveillance Systems for Your Environment
  Stephen Russell, BA
IntermediatePhysical Security119
103. Panel Discussion - Global Trends Affecting Enhanced Due Diligence and Background Screening
  Janet Ackerman
Advanced 111/112 (combined)
104. Terrorism and the 2008 Presidential Campaign: An Early Primer
  Mr. Glenn Schoen
Intermediate 250
105. The Naked Truth about Managing Information Asset Protection
  Mr. Bernie Sullivan, CPP
Intermediate 120
106. Partnering for Protection: Creative and Cost Effective Infrastructure Security Initiatives
  Mr. Robert Hulshouser, CPP
FundamentalUtilities Security107
107. Secrets From The Executive Office: “Always Go To Other People’s Funerals, Otherwise They Won’t Come To Yours”
  Marlene A. Palkovich
Fundamental 246
108. Simplifique la Seguridad de Ejecutivos de alto Nivel en Viajes de Negocios.Consejos Prácticos
  Mr. Ruben Escotto-Kuhn, CPP
FundamentalSession in Spanish218
Wednesday, September 26, 2007

11:00 AM-12:00 PM
Educational Level    C/E Room
109. Emerging trends in Safe Parking Facilities
  Dr. Randy Atlas, Ph.D. , CPP, AIA
FundamentalSecurity Architecture and Engineering246
110. Air Cargo Security: The New TSA Rules
  Dr. Kathleen Sweet, JD
FundamentalTransportation Security119
111. Phishing for Dollars - Ripping off Your Identity
  Mr. Shayne P. Bates, CPP, CISM, CHS-V
FundamentalInformation Technology Security107
112. Realizing the Return on Security Investment--Lessons Learned from an Operational Cost-Effective Program
  Mr. Jeffrey (JC) Dodson
IntermediateDefense and Intelligence111/112 (combined)
113. You Know The Art of War – Now Win People Over with The Art of Woo
  Mario Moussa, PhD, MBA
Intermediate 219/220/221/222 (combined)
114. Crime and Security In The Hospitality Environment
  Mr. Connell J. Rodden Jr, CPP
Fundamental 120
115. What Not to Do in Picking Security Contractors
  Nick Catrantzos, CPP
Ms. Mojgan (MJ) Hashemi, CPP, P.E.
Intermediate 108
116. Leading from within a Crisis Management Team
  Mr. Bruce T. Blythe
Advanced 250
117. Managing Risk for America’s Treasures: Multi-Hazard Risk Assessments of Smithsonian Institution Facilities
  Douglas A. Hall, BSEE, PSP
Eric Letvin, PE, Esq; Noman Lieberman; E. Scott Tezak, PE
Intermediate 117
118. Gang Culture from the Streets to the Emergency Department
  Mr. George Patak, B.S.
Bonnie Michelman, CPP, CHPA
Intermediate 101
119. The Top Ten Things Every Healthcare Security Director Must Get Right
  Mr. Isaac Luten IV, JD, CPP
Tony W. York, CPP, CHPA
Intermediate 103
120. Problems and Solutions of Facial Recogntion and Investigations
  Mr. David Naisby
Dustin Rhoads; Ms. Luci Stone; Harry Giordano
Fundamental 102
121. The Protective Security Advisor Program and the PSA Infrastructure
  John Walsh
Fundamental 116
122. Effective Use of Security Consultants
  Mr. David Aggleton, CPP, CSC
Intermediate 223/224/225/226 (combined)
123. Risk Based Approach to Determining Vulnerability
  Mr. Phillip Banks, CPP
IntermediatePhysical Security109/110 (combined)
124. Thorougly Modern Leadership
  Dr. Tim Schneider, Ph.D.
Linda Florence, CPP
Intermediate 227/228/229/230 (combined)
125. Perspectiva Metis Frente Al Crimen Y El Terrorismo
  Luis Enrique La Rotta, CPP
FundamentalSession in Spanish218

1:30 PM-3:00 PM
Educational Level    C/E Room
126. A Roadmap for Enterprise Security
  Mr. Gary Klinefelter
Mr. Ron Martin, CPP; Mr. Jon Hodgdon; Mr. Shayne Bates, CPP, CISM, CHS-V
IntermediateInformation Technology Security107
127. U. S. Military Police and Security Operations in Afghanistan/Iraq (Part Two)
  Col. Eugene Smith
Michael Trapp, MS
IntermediateMilitary Liaison108
128. Security System Testing: A Way to Shorten Projects and Lower Costs
  Mr. Ray Bernard, PSP
Don Sturgis, CPP
FundamentalInformation Technology Security223/224/225/226 (combined)
129. Excellence in High-Impact Security Education Training
  Mrs. Deborah (Deedee) Collins
Mr. Shawn S. Daley; Mr. Bob Kennedy
IntermediateDefense and Intelligence117
130. Part 2: The Art of Woo
  Mario Moussa, PhD, MBA
Intermediate 219/220/221/222 (combined)
131. Six Shots in Six Seconds: Security to the Witness Stand
  Steven Millwee, CPP
Advanced 246
132. Kidnap Management - How to Respond When It Happens
  Mr. Richard Wright, CPP
AdvancedCrisis Management102
133. Risk Communication: Understanding Your Audience
  Dr. Donald Fingleton, Ph.D.
Mr. Glenn Smith; Mr. Richard J. Sullivan, CPP
IntermediatePhysical Security103
135. Contingency Planning for Labor Disputes
  Gregory Johnson, CPP
Intermediate 119
137. Deception Analysis & Multiple Suspect Elimination
  Mr. John Dietz, CPP, CFE
138. The Private Sector Role in State and Regional Intelligence Fusion Centers
  Mr. Daniel Rattner
Bonnie Michelman, CPP, CHPA
Advanced 116
139. Security's Role in the Emerging Enterprise Risk Model
  Mr. Ray O'Hara, CPP
Tim Williams, CPP; Jeff Spivey, CPP, PSP
Advanced 109/110 (combined)
140. Managing and Directing an Executive Protection Detail
  Mr. Robert L. Oatman, CPP
Intermediate 111/112 (combined)
142. Como Evitar ser Victima Durante un Viaje en Latinoamericana
  Victor Hugo Aguirre
IntermediateSession in Spanish218

1:30 PM-3:30 PM
Educational Level    C/E Room
134. Who Invited You?: Security’s Role In Premises Liability
  Mr. Edward (Eddie) Sorrells, Esq., CPP
Intermediate 227/228/229/230 (combined)

4:30 PM-5:30 PM
Educational Level    C/E Room
143. New Maritime Terrorism Threats
  Col. Edward Badolato, USMC (Ret.)
AdvancedTransportation Security107
144. Security Metrics Management
  Ray Bernard, PSP
Mr. Bernard J. Scaglione, CPP
FundamentalInformation Technology Security108
145. Lebanon Crisis - a Security Evacuation Case Study
  Mr. Richard Culver
Fundamental 101
146. Part 3: The Art of Woo
  Mario Moussa, PhD, MBA
Intermediate 219/220/221/222 (combined)
147. Risk-Based Security
  Mr. Brian Patterson, CPP
Mr. Christopher DiMartino, CPP CFE
Intermediate 223/224/225/226 (combined)
148. How Your Interviews/interrogations Are Likely to Be Attacked
  David Zulawski
AdvancedRetail Loss Prevention227/228/229/230 (combined)
149. Crisis Information Management and Emergency Notification Software Solutions
  Mr. Donald Knox, CPP
FundamentalCrisis Management102
150. Critical Infrastructure and You (Sappy title, Important topic!)
  Mrs. Sandra Davis, M.S.
Forrest Gist
Intermediate 116
151. Down & Out at the Sears Tower
  Mr. Keith L. Kambic, CPP
FundamentalCommercial Real Estate109/110 (combined)
152. Screening, Selecting, and Retaining a Contract Security Company
  Frank Sulzer, CPP
Fundamental 117
153. Security for Faith Based Organizations
  Mr. Jeffrey Hawkins
Intermediate 103
154. Identifying Fraud and Financial Crimes to Protect Your Business
  Mr. Joe Davis, CPP
Mr. Kim Thomas, LVMPD
AdvancedRetail Loss Prevention119
155. Suicide Bombers: A growing Phenomenon
  Mr. Amir Lechner, BA Arch, MUD ur
Intermediate 116
156. The Impact of U.S. Export Controls on International Business
  Mr. Deed L. Vest
IntermediateDefense and Intelligence246
157. Private and Public Sector Red Team Practices
  Mr. Walter Lee
Fundamental 111/112 (combined)
158. You can do it!
  Mr. Robert Pearson, BSEE
Fundamental 120
159. Administración de la Seguridad Efectiva en Países Latinoamericanos
  Gustavo M. Herman
IntermediateSession in Spanish218