International Security Standards

Monday, September 21, 2009: 1:30 PM-3:00 PM
ISO, CEN, BSI, ANSI - they’re more than an alphabet soup of acronyms. They are organizations that are changing the way you do business. New standards are emerging for risk management, supply chain security, aviation security, fraud and counterfeiting, security services, and security technologies. Learn about and provide your input on the APEC “Critical Infrastructure and Support Systems Standardization Project”. The UK Chapter of ASIS is spearheading an international effort to develop a standard for a process providing physical/perimeter security at a facility to set goals; identify, assess, and manage risks; and select appropriate physical security measures. Learn what’s happening and how you can influence the direction of standards development to benefit your business.
Educational Level: Fundamental
Other Awards/Recognition: Sue Carioti
Presenting Speaker:
Dr. Marc Siegel, ASIS International Commissioner, ASIS Global Standards Initiative
Mr. Roger Warwick, CPP, Pyramid International Managing Director Johan du Plooy, CPP, CFE, Risk Diversion Pty Ltd Michael O'Neil, NORTH AMERICAN SECURITY PRODUCTS ORGANIZATION Executive Director