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Amika Mobility Server (AMS 5.4) TM

Company name: Amika Mobile Corporation
Product name: Amika Mobility Server (AMS 5.4) TM
Booth number: 3798
Innovative features/key benefits: Amika Mobile provides secure emergency mass notification alerting products which auto-discover devices on wired/wireless networks saving administrators time in contact database creation and maintenance. Any content alerts are delivered over WiFi, Email, SMS, Web, or Voice ideal for campuses, airports, shopping centers, governments or corporations for on-premise or hosted applications.
Synopsis: Amika Mobile’s unique secure emergency mass notification device auto-discovery products eliminate database creation and constant updates. Alerts are sent to any device on any network as desktop/laptop pop-ups, SMS, VoIP, etc. deployable on-premise or hosted.
Launch Date: Sunday, November 15, 2009
Email for sales inquiries:

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