3107: Strategies for Hardening Soft Targets

Tuesday, September 13, 2016: 11:00 AM-12:00 PM
The 2015 shooting at the Emanuel AME church in Charleston, SC, and the Paris attacks illustrate that these risks must be assessed properly by security professionals responsible for the safety of cultural properties and hospitality venues. Improvements to physical security can reduce the likelihood and impact of certain attacks, but not all. Review the changing tactics employed by terror organizations and the Attack Cycle. Through case studies, learn about specific cultural and hospitality venue threats and the risks they pose. Consider strategies to mitigate these risks, including situational awareness training, surveillance detection programs, and robust crisis management practices.
Presenting Speaker:
Robert Carotenuto, PSP, PCI, PCI, CPP, PSP, The New York Botanical Garden

Andy Davis, CPP, Trident Manor

Stevan Layne, CPP, Layne Consultants International

James McGuffey, PCI, CPP, PSP, A.C.E. Security Consultants

Ron Ronacher Jr., PSP, Arup Resilience, Security and Risk


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