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Global Security Exchange (GSX) 2018 (formerly the Annual Seminar and Exhibits)

  1. Introduction

    In today's global threat landscape, it is critical for organizations to address security at the enterprise level, looking at every type of risk — physical, cyber, operational, and human — affecting an organization. From insider threat to cybercrime, terrorist acts to social unrest, infrastructure protection to data breaches — the challenges are complex and potentially disastrous.

    Taking place September 23-27, 2018 in Las Vegas, NV, the Global Security Exchange (GSX) 2018 (formerly the Annual Seminar and Exhibits), produced in partnership with the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) and InfraGard will offer best-in-class analyses and solutions to equip security professionals to anticipate, mitigate, manage, and prevent today's complex threats from an integrated enterprise perspective.

    Calling all subject matter experts: This is your opportunity to share your experience and expertise with our global audience of security management practitioners looking for the latest information, cutting-edge strategies, and best practices that will help them succeed in their jobs and demonstrate ROI to their organizations. This audience comprises professionals from all vertical industries across both the public and private sectors, as well as military and law enforcement professionals and others responsible for security.

    The ASIS Annual Seminar and Exhibits is known for its high-quality and comprehensive education program. Session abstracts must offer strong content and actionable takeaways to ensure that the targeted audience(s) benefit. All professional security-related topics are welcome — intermediate to advanced-level sessions are highly desirable and case studies are strongly encouraged.

    If you possess knowledge that will challenge and inspire the ASIS audience, we encourage you to submit your abstract(s) today!

    Commercially focused/vendor promotional proposals will not be considered

  2. General Submission Guidelines

    An individual may submit a maximum of two proposals as the only or primary presenter per meeting. These individuals can be part of additional sessions as panel participants. The same proposal can be submitted to all meetings that have open Call for Presentations.

    • Proposals must be in English.
    • Proposals must describe original work.
    • The submitter is strongly encouraged to compose the abstract text a word processor software (example MS Word), before submitting it online. Be sure to check spelling, word count, and conformance with the guidelines given below.
    • All proposals must be non-sales or marketing orientated.
    • Generally, ASIS International does not pay per diem, honoraria, or expenses.
    • There are no fees required to submit a proposal.
    • ASIS membership is not required for submission.
    • Preference will be given to new topics and sessions.
    • Your proposal will be rejected if all steps of the proposal submission process are not completed.
    • Presentation slots are 60, 75 0R 120 minutes and should include time for Q&A.
    • For more information about the evaluation criteria, sample proposal descriptions, and more details about the Call for Proposals, visit the ASIS website.

    No names or titles should be included in the abstract text. Names will be automatically hidden during the abstract review process and will be automatically inserted and properly formatted upon publication.

    Presenting authors will be automatically informed of the unique ID numbers and passwords assigned to their abstracts. Abstracts may be viewed and modified at any time between submission and the deadline, using the assigned ID number and password.

  3. Proposals Requirements

    During the proposal submission, submitters will be required to complete the following information.

    Required fields:
    • Title of Proposal (limit: 10 words)
    • Organization Track(s)
    • Abstract text (limit: 115 words)
    • Learning Objectives (up to 3)
    • Business Impact
    • Presentation History
    • Target Audience
    • Preferred session length (25, 60, 75, or 120 minutes)
    • Security Solutions Tracks (choose only 1)
    • Event Structure (choose from the list or/and enter in "other")
    • Equipment needed and room set up (choose from the list or/and enter in "other")
    • Permission to record*
    No images, charts, or tables are allowed. We do not accept attachments with proposals. For each speaker please provide: name, degrees, company, job title and full mailing address, email address, phone number, biographical sketch, and references.
  4. Proposals Review

    Sessions will be selected in mid-February and you will be notified on or around March 1.
  5. Closed for New Submissions on Tuesday, January 16, 2018