7th ASIS Middle East Security Conference and Exhibition
21 — 23 February 2016, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Call for Presentations

  1. Introduction

    Be a Speaker in Dubai!

    ASIS International is inviting articulate subject matter experts to share practical knowledge and strategies at the 7th ASIS Middle East Security Conference and Exhibition (21 - 23 February 2016).

    The high-quality educational programs focus on current and emerging security threats, best practices, and other issues facing professionals responsible for securing their organizations' people, property, and data in today's challenging global environment.

    Abstracts will be accepted for presentation based on topic relevance, timeliness, and expertise of the speakers. There will be a heavy emphasis on intermediate to advanced level content presentations.

    The purpose of the educational track of the event is to provide high-quality education and networking opportunities for security professionals. Our multiple day, multiple track format offers a self-directed, facilitated learning environment with education sessions, interactive forums, and an exhibition. Education sessions, designed to transcend industry sectors, focus on current and emerging issues, best practices, and challenges facing security practitioners and others who are responsible for security.

    Abstracts on all security related topics are welcome. Particular topics of interest are: supply chain security, loss prevention, hotel security, intellectual property, maritime piracy, terrorism, executive protection, internal theft and fraud, competitive intelligence, brand protection, physical security, cyber security and convergence, investigations, due diligence and global business issues.

  2. General Submission Guidelines

    • Proposals must be in English.
    • Proposals should describe original work.
    • The submitter is strongly encouraged to compose the abstract text in his/her own word processor before submitting it online. Be sure to check spelling, word count, and conformance with the guidelines given below.
    • All proposals must be non-sales or marketing orientated.
    • ASIS International does not pay per diem, honoraria, or expenses.
    • There are no fees required to submit a proposal.
    • Your proposal will be rejected if all 3 steps of the proposal submission process are not completed.
    • Presentation slots are 50 minutes and should include time for Q&A.

    No names or titles should be included in the abstract text. Names will be automatically hidden during the abstract review process and will be automatically inserted and properly formatted upon publication.

    Presenting authors will be automatically informed of the unique ID numbers and passwords assigned to their abstracts. Abstracts may be viewed and modified at any time between submission and the deadline, using the assigned ID# and password.

  3. Proposals Requirements

    During the proposal submission the submitters will fill out/choose from the headings listed below.
    • Title of Proposal*
    • Educational level (fundamental, intermediate, advanced)*
    • Speaker Bio (limited to 150 words)*
    • Summary (limited to 30 words)*
    • Abstract text (limited to 100 words)*
    • Equipment needed for presentation (choose from the list or/and enter in "other")
    • Subject Matter (choose up to 3 from the list or enter in "other")*
      * - required fields
    In total, the abstract text must contain no more than 100 words. No images, charts, or tables are allowed.
    For each speaker please provide: name, degrees, company or institution, job title and full mailing address, email address, phone number, biographical sketch, references.
  4. Submissions Closed on Wednesday, 22 July 2015